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Reflections of Love and Old Age by Guest Blogger Siddiqua Rahman

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While buried in my work, I looked up and gazed around.  I saw this adorable couple sitting there on the park bench, cuddling hand in hand. I got up and started moving towards them, focusing my camera on them while doing so. This was the most eye soothing vista of the whole day I witnessed after the dawn.

I started clicking pictures knowing this was something very unique, something I had not seen in quite some time. While taking their pictures, the couple gently asked me what had made me want to capture their old selves. With a flicker in my eyes, I sat down beside them like a child seeking lost love. And, I started telling them of my work I was doing sitting there but how their  unique moment of love mesmerized me.

And, then a sudden smile lit up their faces. I was confused what to answer but it felt like coming back home I exclaimed to myself. Their wrinkled skin evoked memories of my grandma. I then spoke to them saying “your glimmering eyes reflect a roaring care that reminds me of my mother. Your beautiful fingers fitted with those diamond rings remind me of my lost love. There is much happiness here above all worldly things. How do I explain to you how such love is so rare to find.”

“Every day I wake up and see lovers around everywhere displaying gooey mushy love but who will remind them that this is just a beginning. Love is not found in a day of romance. Who will tell them love means having the patience to grip it and hold it tight to your heart? Love is going to test you in your worst day and you will still have that immense love to remain secure above all the hardship. And the world which is now full of brandish relationships, It is you tender moment of holding hands that reminds me of the purity of love fading away.”

Siddiqua Rahman is an aspiring writer and a college student of mass communication and journalism. Siddiqua is passionate about writing and has a flair for creative thought.


  1. Nice piece of work suddz, keep going :-)

  2. Great siddiqua ,keep going long way to go

  3. Wow...suddu....this one is brilliantly awesome.

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