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Chargrilled Chicken with Salsa Salad and a Sweet Banana Crepes with lemon syrup for Dessert After


Its Christmas Day today and Instead of the conventional roast I tried one of my favorite recipes. Chargrilled chicken and salsa salad. Now there are so many ways to make this but I tried my own style with my choice of veggies.  Here is the recipe

Ingredients. For the Chicken

Wrap two or three chicken breasts in cling film. Then pound till a bit flat like fillets.

Marinate the chicken with lime juice, coarsely crushed peppercorns, pepper powder, rosemary, thyme and mixed herbs. (You’ll Get mixed herbs being sold loose at any Spencer’s outlet), garlic paste, salt, butter, and curd. Make a few slits across the breasts and set aside. You could keep it in the fridge for awhile.

After you’ve prepared the salad, and the chicken has marinated for about half an hour, in a flat iron pan or a good non stick pan add butter for cooking, then on high flame char the chicken slightly. Now  lower flame and cook again in shallow oil. Once it is almost cooked, brown the chicken a bit by pressing it down on the pan on high heat then remove.  

The above Process can be simplified by grilling the chicken in a grill pan where it would take not more than 10 minutes for the chicken to cook. Moreover using a grill pan, you need very little oil or butter. I use a Bergner ceramic grill Pan.

The salad.

  • Cherry tomatoes 1 cups. (Quantity as per your choice),
  • Fresh button mushrooms, 11/2 cup or at your discretion
  • 1 yellow capsicum
  • 1 green capsicum
  • 1 red capsicum
  • 2 or 3 green chilies
  • Tabasco brand garlic Tabasco sauce
  • Lettuce
  • Sliced onions
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Chopped celery (optional)

In a cup mix some olive oil, salt and pepper and  keep aside.

In a mixer grinder, grind one cup cherry tomatoes, green chilli,  garlic and a pinch of salt. Heat a non stick pan with olive oil, add the cherry tomato mixture, cook for a minute, and then add the salad. Add a bit of vinegar ( You can also use Apple cider Vinegar for enhanced flavor)  then Tabasco sauce, toss the salad in the mixture well and then remove. Don’t allow to sautĂ© too much. It should remain a salad not a sabzi or a sauce. Transfer to a bowl and sprinkle some mix herbs over it.

The ingredients can be modified as per your choice of veggies. Adding Olives which I didn’t would be an added attraction.


Arrange the chicken and salad on a bed of lettuce and serve.

There are various ways to char grill chicken so this can be found on the net too. Grilling on a grill pan is best. I tried a steel  flat kadhai and it  didn’t work out well so I used the non stick although you're not supposed to use non stick on high heat.

I have a sweet tooth and despite of my wanting to do something about it, that never really happens. Crepes is one of my favorite desserts and Banana my favorite fruit. You can also try the crispy banana spring rolls recipe in this blog. 

Banana and Coconut Filled Crepes with stewed apple and lemon syrup


The crepes

3 eggs, half cup to 3/4th cup flour 1 tablespoon butter, 1 cup milk, ½ cup water Sugar, a pinch of salt.  1 cap of lemon essence. 1 cap of vanilla essence. (By caps I mean the tiny essence bottles.)
The mixture shouldn’t be too thick because these are not pancakes. The mixture should have a consistency a fraction thicker than milk. If it’s too thick then it will turn out a thick pan cake instead.
Blend the mixture well. Coat a good nonstick pan with some oil. Heat a teaspoon of butter over the pan. Make the crepes one by one using the mixture. Don’t pour too much into the pan as it again will end up getting too thick and if it’s too thick it won’t fold. Cook over low flame. When the top of the crepe is dry then slide it off and keep aside to cool abit.

The Banana filling.

Just mash two bananas with coconut powder. Now fold the circular crepe into a
semi circle and then add some filling. Now again fold the crepe into the triangle shape. Do the same for all the crepes. Once you have filled the crepes,  now one by one in the same butter smeared pan toss them around a bit on a low flame to get a light brown colour. This will also set the crepe into the triangle shape in order to hold the filling. Add a bit of butter in the pan before recooking each crepe.

The Apples and Syrup.

Slice two apples with the skin on. You could peel them if you want, but if apples
are sweet the skin won’t matter and will also give a bit of colour to the dish. Now in a small bowl add icing sugar 3 to 4 tablespoon and 3 tablespoons of demerara sugar. (Ready made caramelized sugar) If you can’t get that then you could use palm candy or regular sugar but then you will need to caramelize this a bit till brown. 

In the mixture add again water and two caps lemon essence. Now heat the mixture in a pan stirring for about 4 minutes. Then add the apples. If you add the apples too early, its going to get too soft and mash up in the mixture. Add a teaspoon of honey. When the mixture is slightly thicker than usual and apples soft and stewed, remove.

Arrange the crepes on a plate. Arrange the apples and pour all the mixture over the arrangement. You could sprinkle some sesame seeds if you want.


If you want to make your crepes more interesting, then rather than serve them with the apple sauce just make the sugary mixture with honey, place in a small ceramic bowl add brandy on top and light it. Voila you get a flambĂ©. 

Here's a video I found on YouTube that gives you another take on how to make banana crepes