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HOW EXLCUSIVE ARE WE? How many of us share the feeling that the universe revolves round us and what is our exalted position here. In our minds we feel unique enough to regard ourselves as an individual ego in the great expanse. But let’s break up that human misconception and see what we really boil down to.


Have we ever wondered why the subject of psychology exists? Why do we need that shrink to talk to and to tell u about our thoughts? Why do we need a psychiatrist to tell us the reason for the way we think? Why do we need a shrink to analyze our mental behavior which governs our actions?

As an intelligent human being how many times have we manipulated the thought processes of a colleague or a senior by feeding certain input by way of a remark or a suggestion knowing fully well the person may either accept or deny it. How do we play mind games with each other, while some of us are extremely adept at inducing suggestive behavior in others, there are those easily manipulated by their own thoughts without any rational differentiation between good or bad.

Let’s reflect on another why? Why is it that we experience different moods? How many of us have that distinct inner voice saying you shouldn’t have done this or you shouldn’t have done that. Way deep down in our own subconsciousness we analyze our own behavior and realize the faults in our own actions yet we can’t seem to help them. What then governs our actions to think the way we do in the morning and another way at night. What governs our actions to speak in certain ways, to be grumpy and happy or sad and depressed?  In a manner of speaking without the excuse of an event sad or of happiness, we still experience such emotions. Some of us experience it in the extreme while some of us are more composed towards such experiences or mood swings as we know them.

If that inner voice of ours cannot stop us from acting and reacting, is it safe to say that we are being governed by the physiology of our brain. That regardless of how we feel we should do things or should not do things, our moods cause us to react otherwise.

Consider this aspect of our human behavior. If we are unique unto ourselves, how then does the study of psychology exist, how does a man like Carl Jung and Freud write volumes of books on distinct patterns of human behavior? It’s as if we are programmed to behave in certain ways because if we were not then Freud and Jung would be a load of crap.

How does the study of psychology observe and analyze how we humans react. How is it possible for a man to analyze our actions and even predict our thought processes? It’s easy for even some of us sometimes to mentally assuage a fellow human beings behavior. When we live with a human being for years we learn to predict and pre-empt his thought patterns and his actions. Psychology works on the same lines only on a higher level with more in-depth understanding of the human brain.


How does a shrink analyze our nature by the help of ink stains? How is our human behavior to be a good or evil person analyzed by material observations? A shrink it’s the same as a software expert with the tendency to predict a result from computer given the available data. 

Despite of the conscious fact of our own existence, are we nothing more than the result of the physiology of the human brain? Or is there more to the us than even Jung or Freud could have imagined.

If our nature is predictable from the manner of observing a set pattern of behavior then are we really exclusive? What then governs us to behave as such? It means that regardless of how we feel about ourselves, ultimately we are a result of human physiology and nothing more. Carl Sagan believed such a thing and so does Hawking. That the way we think and act is noting more than the result of the physiology of our brain. That a physical and material organ is responsible for who we are. But is this entirely true.

Consider this. Are we also artificial intelligence? Just as modern day artificial intelligence is the product of advanced technology, arnt we too a product of an advanced biological evolution whose existence is limited to the physical limitation of physiology.  Artificial intelligence in the future will obviously be far more complex and advanced than it is today where it could learn to think and act like human beings. The only difference is the physiology of a shell that at present doesn’t allow it to feel physical sensation, but what if that too is achieved by virtue of a biochemical body.

Nobody can claim a limitation to the achievements of technology because the impossible exists even now just as the technology to produce an airplane existed centuries ago, all man had to do was evolve his way of thought and intelligence to achieve thus. After all the resources for building a plane is the product of earthly material and man’s mind.

Just as artificial intelligence has the potential to advance and evolve, so do we as humans function similarly? But regardless of the advancement of both artificial intelligence and man, both will always be limited. Man by the evolution of his physiology and artificial intelligence by the evolution of technology. Will man ever transcend the limitations of his own physiology to remain a conscious entity rather than a breathing one? Because this is the only answer to mans immortality, not as living beings because then we would need several new planets to populate. So what then is the answer to such a perception, are we a god’s artificial intelligence or are we the product of someone else superior to us existing out there in the universe.

Look forward to the concept of consciousness the We,  the me and the I.