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Fried Crispy Honey Banana Spring rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? I have loved sweet desserts much as I love savories too. The fun with desserts is innovation and invention. Customization isn’t just a technical term and you can customize your own sweet dessert for yourself. Here's a nice concoction I came up with when thinking how best to make bananas the highlight of a dessert.


What you’ll need

2 Bananas
1 tsp sugar
ready made spring roll wrappers
tbsp coconut powder
I tsp sesame seeds
2 tsp honey
Chopped almonds
Chocolate sauce
1 large scoop vanilla Ice cream
1 egg (for sealing)
Oil (for deep frying)

A word of advice

You could make your own spring Roll wrappers if you so wish but that can be a tedious process. And it’s definitely not easy. Using spring roll wrappers made by professionals in the business is a great time saver. I usually purchase my wrappers from three places in Kolkata. You can get it from Chinese supply shops in  old china town also known as Tiretti bazaar of Kolkata (Calcutta).
Then there’s the New Market (Sir Stuart Hogg Market) Kolkata where on the Road beside the clock tower is choc a bloc full of mini shops selling spices, sauces and canned goods. You’ll see many selling Noodles being sold by weight and its here that you’ll get spring roll wrappers but by far the best quality wrappers I’ve ever used is from a man called Pintu Das who lives in market street near St Anthony’s Church. Connect with me on FB Andrew Alpin and ill direct you to his place. As a wholesaler of Noodles his wontons and spring roll wrappers are excellent and can easily stay for three days if refrigerated.


You can either mash the banana a bit or use it whole. Place each banana in two spring roll wrappers. Add a teaspoon of coconut powder to each. Add half a tsp sugar to each roll. Roll the wrappers as you would a spring roll placing some egg on the ends to seal in place.
Now you have two banana spring Rolls ready to fry. Heat the oil at a temperature suitable for deep frying. Fry both rolls till crisp and golden, take them out and place on a cutting board. Cut each roll in half. Now smear some honey over the rolls sparingly. Sprinkle some sesame seeds over the rolls.
Now place the rolls in a flat ice cream dish. Sprinkle your almonds on the rolls. Then place a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnish with more nuts, honey and chocolate sauce. Enjoy!!!
You can be innovative and even add chopped walnuts and pistachios to the garnishing.


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