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Via Dolorosa! the way of the cross, has never ceased to intrigue and mystify me with its great and profound spiritual significance and the fact that sinners though we may be, the way of the cross will symbolically manifest itself many times over in our own Christian life.

Every Friday during lent there are many of us devout as some may be, who will go to church for the way of the cross service. At the end of it all some of us will have been content for fulfilling the Friday obligation, some of us will have that momentarily feeling of peace having spent that 15 minutes in church, and then there are those who will have experienced the sadness invoked during various stations , especially those involving our beloved mother, the mother of jesus, but! How many of us will stop to reflect that what we have just experienced is also a reflection of our very own life itself. The journey of our lives, the trials , the tribulations, the anxiety and suffering that we face becoming our own burden , our little cross that we must bear throughout this journey of ours.It is then that the via dolorosa of Christ gains true spiritual significance and importance for us, where every painful step taken by Jesus, every open wound, every emotional trauma will reduce the burden of our cross to not even a fragment of the suffering faced by Christ, it is when we are constantly aware of the magnitude and the spirituality of this suffering that we are given strength to bear our own cross, and we walk the path of our own Via Dolorosa with a sense of humbleness and piety and peace which is in essence the peace of Christ.

The walk of Christ is not restricted to the physicality of time but rather transcends itself into a spiritual walk for all eternity, helping each of us walk our own via dolorosa. When we stumble he reaches out and carries our burden omnipresent through the medium of prayer, always there throughout our journey helping us with our load, but our own human frailties and weaknesses do not allow us to feel that presence and acknowledge that our burden is already light, for when we have a burden to carry it is already being carried by Christ, the load that we feel is nothing more than the load of Simon of Cyrene, helping Christ carry the real burden. That is why when Christ asks us to carry our burden he is just asking us to help him carry his cross, our load being the help we give him on the Via Dolorosa.

What Christ really wants to say to us is “Pick up the end of my cross and follow me, keep me in your sight, help me time to time in case I falter or stumble for these are the moments of your own trials and tribulation, these are the times you will feel my cross the most, but reflect on my torturous ordeal, look at my crown of thorns and see the drops of blood seeping into my eyes, feel the pain in my shoulder bent with the weight of my cross, touch my wounds on my back scourged with the whip, feel the holes in my wrists made by the nails driven into me, reflect on the pain I endured for your sake and your grief, your pain will seem lighter and then you will bear it gladly for my sake for you will realize what I bore for you’. ‘Stay with me throughout my journey to Calvary and you will learn to smile in the face of your adversaries, you will find peace in the turmoil of your life, you will find your burden lighter, just stay with me, you don’t have to be scourged or be spit upon or mocked or be crowned with thorns let me do that for you, you don’t have to die on a cross let me do that for you, let me fill your heart with my peace, feel my goodness and warmth engulfing you, and then recognize my goodness as me your Jesus, for I will always be there in your heart loving you for all time and when you finally recognize me and love me back I will welcome you with open arms. So walk with me on my Via Dolorosa and you will find me and find peace.